We believe that doubling down on black women via culturally relevant coaching, support, & resources will result in birthing more black unicorns, black business & black generational wealth.

2 Dope Aunties  

Two dope aunties frustrated with the lack of funding resources afforded to black Founders. We're ready to get black women funded by any means necessary!


“Overall I really liked my time working with fbw. The energy that you guys bring to the weekly meetings is incredible. Also the feedback that you give, I wish I could have heard that like a year ago!” - MHP, Black Woman Founder


Founding starts with funding, CROWDFUNDING! Our goal is to get founders through that first phase (starting & scaling)! This usually means: getting them to the point where they've built something impressive enough to raise money on a larger scale- then we can introduce them to later stage investors and partners.


We work with black women founders to help them succeed. Our focus on this targeted demo allows us to offer a set of resources, experience, personalized support, uniquely and culturally relevant to their entrepreneurial needs.


A safe space where you can feel affirmed as a black woman founder! A network of people who see you, look like you, and support you!